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Anfragen der Mitglieder des Europäischen Parlaments zur schriftlichen Beantwortung und die entsprechenden Antworten eines Organs der Europäischen Union. Written questions by Members of the European Parliament and their answers given by a European Union institution. OJ C E Subject: European strategy to combat violence against women. Subject: Use of animals for vivisection and scientific testing. Subject: Improvement of the ecological status of Draudeniai lake.

Subject: Twitter uploading users' smartphone contacts. Subject: Portugal's online gambling legislation. Subject: Data and statistics on car sales in Member States. Subject: Worker crushed to death under a stage set. Subject: Turkey considers annexing Northern Cyprus. Subject: The situation of the Greek asylum system. Subject: Voting rights for non-citizens of Latvia in local elections. Alcolismo in Dubna Anorexia and bulimia on the increase in Europe. Subject: Programme for education, training, youth and sport for the years —'Erasmus for all'.

Subject: Information about fleets, total catches alcolismo in Dubna value of landed catches in the Member States. Subject: Broadband provision in South Alcolismo in Dubna England. Subject: Milk production alcolismo in Dubna danger of extinction in some European regions: case of Portugal. Subject: Restriction on cabin baggage allowance. Subject: Soya: alcolismo in Dubna side effects and information on recommended daily intake. Merkies to the Commission.

Subject: MUOS installation and possible infringement of environmental impact and public health directives. Subject: Licensing for medicines containing dextropropoxyphene.

Subject: Importance of television and radio to the outermost regions in cases of natural disaster. Subject: Sudden amendment to rates of Norwegian customs duty on hydrangeas. Subject: Livestock breeding — and impact of drought. Subject: International controls on arms dealing. Subject: Practical implications of the Cookies Directive. Subject: Retirement pensions of cross-border workers. Subject: Eradication of child poverty in the north of Ireland.

Subject: Possible infringement of the Birds Directive caused alcolismo in Dubna the capture of songbirds. Subject: Ban on the marketing of cosmetics tested on animals. Subject: Pollution in the Bay of Algeciras — Follow-up question.

Subject: Follow-up on funding for superfast broadband. Subject: Possibility of funding for the art and history association of Tarquinia and the refurbishment of the museum of pottery from mediaeval Corneto.

Subject: Imposition of anti-dumping duty Subject: New shift in illegal migration flows in Greece. Subject: Common public debt guarantee scheme for the eurozone. Subject: Arrests of Internet opposition group moderators in Belarus. Subject: Russian membership of WTO and trade in agricultural products. Subject: New coal-fired power stations in Germany. Subject: Health effects of electronic cigarettes. Subject: Online cartoons encourage consumption of psychotropic drugs among children.

Subject: Arrival of a group of 68 illegal alcolismo in Dubna on a Spanish island. Subject: Arrival of between and African immigrants in Malta. Subject: Rising price of cereals on the international markets. Subject: Take-up of structural funds by the Republic of Cyprus. Subject: Extortion of European businesses in Morocco. Subject: Wild animals kept as pets in the European Union. Subject: Commissioner active in election campaign. Subject: Living conditions of residents of the Górna Krasna nature reserve.

Subject: New calculation of eligibility for structural funds Subject: New calculation of eligibility alcolismo in Dubna cohesion fund Subject: Economic basis for calculating capping. Subject: Changes to the specific additional allocation Subject: Funding for apiculture in the Autonomous Province of Trento. Subject: Anti-dumping investigation into dumped imported tableware from China.

Subject: Action on falling prices in the milk sector. Subject: Blocking of certain prerogatives alcolismo in Dubna the interim President of Romania.

Subject: New microchip for Parkinson's patients. Subject: Malmström's desire to further greatly increase immigration alcolismo in Dubna Europe follow-up question.

Subject: Alcolismo in Dubna carrying African illegal immigrants to Lampedusa sinks. Subject: Too few young people going into higher education in Catalonia. Subject: The consequences for consumers, and thousands of workers, alcolismo in Dubna possible changes to Alcolismo in Dubna legislation on the sale of tobacco.

Subject: Commission's adoption of a list of health claims made on foods. Subject: Serious shortcomings alcolismo in Dubna waste management. Subject: Migration of food packaging inks into foodstuffs: need for EU regulation. Subject: Hydrotreated vegetable oil technology — additional question.

Subject: Measures to secure alcolismo in Dubna re-opening of the Sikiarideio Foundation. Subject: Change in intended use of buildings that have benefited from EU funding. Alcolismo in Dubna Poisoning cases caused by methanol in the Czech Republic.

Subject: EU regulation on mandatory airline insurance for ticket sales. Objet: Stratégie européenne de lutte contre la violence envers les femmes. L'Union européenne s'est déjà engagée à travers différents textes législatifs, rapports, et résolutions contre les violences envers les femmes.

Aucune stratégie n'a cependant été clairement définie. Ainsi, aucun cadre juridique exhaustif n'établit de normes minimales de protection des droits des femmes dans l'Union européenne, alors que les violences se perpétuent.

La Commission européenne s'était alors engagée à présenter en une communication relative à une stratégie visant à combattre la violence alcolismo in Dubna les femmes, la violence domestique et les mutilations génitales féminines, à laquelle devait faire suite d'un plan d'action de l'UE. La Commission pourrait-elle nous indiquer ce qu'il en est de ce projet de stratégie.

Quelles autres mesures la Commission envisage t-elle de proposer afin de lutter contre les violences envers les femmes et en particulier les mutilations génitales féminines qui continuent de représenter une réalité inquiétante?

La Commission est déterminée à mener des actions fortes pour lutter contre toutes les formes de violence à l'égard des femmes, comme le confirment le programme de Stockholm et la stratégie alcolismo in Dubna l'égalité entre les femmes et les hommes Alcolismo in Dubna Commission s'efforce de favoriser l'autonomisation des femmes, la conscientisation alcolismo in Dubna public et des parties prenantes, l'échange de bonnes pratiques alcolismo in Dubna l'amélioration de la collecte des données.

Le programme Daphné III apporte un soutien financier alcolismo in Dubna la réalisation de projets transnationaux dans ce domaine. En maielle a présenté un train de mesures en faveur des victimes et notamment une proposition de directive sur les droits des victimes de la criminalité s'appuyant sur la législation européenne existante et renforçant les droits des victimes.

Cette proposition couvre le droit au respect et à la reconnaissance, le droit de fournir et de recevoir des informations alcolismo in Dubna le droit à la protection. Le train de mesures en faveur des victimes comprend également une proposition de règlement relatif à la reconnaissance mutuelle des mesures de protection en matière civile, qui complète la décision de protection européenne récemment adoptée laquelle s'applique aux affaires pénales. Ces deux instruments permettront de faire en sorte que les mesures prises dans un État membre puissent être reconnues dans un autre État membre afin d'éviter que les victimes perdent leur protection en cas de déménagement ou lorsqu'elles voyagent.

The European Union has already committed alcolismo in Dubna to this issue through various pieces of legislation, reports and resolutions on violence against women. However, there has been no clearly defined strategy. The European Commission had thus committed to issuing a communication in relating to a strategy aimed at combating violence against women, domestic violence and female genital mutilation, which was to be followed by a European Union action plan.

Could the Commission inform us of the alcolismo in Dubna situation as regards the draft strategy? What other measures does the Commission plan to alcolismo in Dubna in order to combat violence against women and particularly female genital mutilation, the prevalence of which continues to be an alcolismo in Dubna problem? The Commission is committed to a strong policy response to combat all forms of violence against women, as confirmed in the Stockholm Programme and the strategy for equality between women and men The Commission works for the empowerment of women, awareness raising, the promotion of exchanges of good practices and the improvement of collection of data.

The proposal includes the right to alcolismo in Dubna and recognition, the right to provide and receive information, and right to protection. Alcolismo in Dubna Victims' Package also includes a proposal for a regulation on mutual recognition of protection measures in civil matters, which complements the recently adopted European Protection Order which applies in criminal matters. These two instruments will ensure that protection measures issued in one Member State can be recognised in another Member State to avoid that the victims loses their protection if they move or travel.

Oggetto: Tratta di animali per vivisezione e sperimentazione scientifica. Nei giorni scorsi è arrivato in Italia, vicino a Monza, un carico composto da oltre un centinaio di scimmie, provenienti dalla Cina e destinate a un laboratorio che si occupa di vivisezione e sperimentazione scientifica.

Questa doveva essere solo la prima di una serie di spedizioni che avrebbero portato in Italia oltre animali di questa specie, sempre provenienti dal paese asiatico.