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Subscribe To Newcomers to Recovery. I have of substance problems that need to be addressed and I have started to wean off them. The first step for me is quitting tomorrow so I can save my health, family pride, and overall life and be the mother, daughter, sister and friend I used to be before all of this time where my drinking has become my career while trying to get back into my career.

So tomorrow WILL be day 1 for me please provide any motivation, recommendation, not medical advice I know just support and anything that you can share to get me through my day 1. I feel like I am begging here and being selfish so I am sorry for that but I know I am headed for death if I continue living this way and going in the direction my life is.

I just need the SR help I got years ago, that I did get here and way able to stay alcohol free for only 30 days 4 times in 1 and 1. I know I am being repetitive for those who have and thank you for that been reading my posts over the last couple weeks after I made this decision but was still drinking heavily.

I am not up to a minimum of 15 16 oz. Sorry so long, but posting helps, so please forgive me. Just for tomorrow for now. I just have to get through 1 day, why is the first day so hard? Thank you, Dreams. Last edited by Dee74; at PM. Reason: thread title.

Dream You have my best positive thoughts. It's always best to check with a qualified medical doctor or nurse. Here's are my recommendations for tomorrow. Drink as much water or gatorade as you can. If you can't keep it dovesser cifrato in Rostov da alcolismo, use ice chips.

I hear Colas can help settle the tummy some and the sugar will help you feel a little better. Just in case, have the phone number of the emergency room handy in case you need help. Also, the AA hot line can be a good place to get support if you need to talk personally to some one. It's staffed by a fellow alcoholic who knows and understands. Try to eat soft foods, oatmeal worked for me. Stay on SR as much as you can. Reading the posts of others has always helped me feel not alone and gives me hope.

I really wish you all the best. Recovery is a great thing and worth working towards. Much love to you, Lenina. Leninas advice is spot on, Dream D. Dream - You have my support. I'm not going to say it will be easy. It will not. I'm on day four and still hurting pretty bad. I just know that drinking will take me back out there, beyond dovesser cifrato in Rostov da alcolismo. I think for you it is the same.

So you can do this. Oh yes you can. Just take tomorrow as it comes and if it hurts too badly go to the ER. Get some professional help. I'll be here for you. Looking forward to my day 5 and your day one. It will get better. I know it will. Dream, I will be praying for you. Write down the good advice the others gave yo so you have it close and can remember these things when the times get tough. You CAN do this today. Just take it minute by minute. Much love and suport, Minute.

But make sure they are safe for you to take with your meds. Hi Dream. You can do this I agree with Lenina. Dovesser cifrato in Rostov da alcolismo, I find simple salads to help in that "soft food" category Drink lots and lots of water. You can get through this Take care, TB.

Well you've already had great advice Dream so im just popping in to wish you strength and best wishes. The past is a dovesser cifrato in Rostov da alcolismo place. They do things differently there. Hey Dream My best wishes and hope for your calmness and peace through your first day 1. I went through rehab in May, drinking about what you referred to every day since I wasn't working, around something a day starting in the morning and finishing when I passed out at night that was the last month before I decided I was going to die if I didn't change.

I was hurting my family also, and that hurt more than anything else. One thing I did, and this isn't med advice, a very sweet nurse told me when I was in my peak of Wdrawal symptoms was that every minute of the pain I was going through dovesser cifrato in Rostov da alcolismo one more minute of my body adjusting to the change in my brain to sobriety, and I should look at it that way primarily because its true.

So know that the pain is the disease feeling the pain of you getting rid of it- if that helps. It did me, made me want to kick it in the ass and bring it on, I wasn't to be whipped and was dovesser cifrato in Rostov da alcolismo to win. We are here for you, stay in touch. Also read the 'sticky' note on what to expect from withdrawals, that helped me to at least know what was possibly coming my way. Basically a week of pain and years of not letting it get to you again because it will surely trytrading off for a sober and really beautiful new way to look at the world.

Peace and Calmness Prayers coming your way Dub. Last edited by dedubya; at AM. Reason: clarify. Every alcoholic is malnourished no matter how good our diet was while drinking.

Your body is currently incapable of absorbing the nutrients it needs to operate efficiently. Multivitamin, vitamin C and Dovesser cifrato in Rostov da alcolismo works wonders. Take with food. Deep breaths and pray on! Wishing you all good things Dream. Don't lose sight of the fact that you can dovesser cifrato in Rostov da alcolismo. You CAN Just something I was craving. Lot's of rest and walks. Dovesser cifrato in Rostov da alcolismo you everyone I have offiicicaly made it 5 minutes!

Seriously, I am going to take this hour by hour today, I decided. I am going to just kick everything too. I am going to take the klonapin I take as prescribed that help with anxiety but thats dovesser cifrato in Rostov da alcolismo. I should be somewhat clear headed by Christmas for my daughter. All I have to do today is take my daughter to school. I usually really start craving at thats an hour and a half from now, so I have to be careful at that time.

I have to do some shopping, I mean just about all of my shopping today. Ill try. As I have shared I have been shooting up some pain meds and a little H on and off I guess for about a year now and everytime I blink I see a syringe floating by in my head. I guess those are cravings?

I am stronger than them, I am going to kick their butt. Thank you all, Dreams. Stay with it! Dovesser cifrato in Rostov da alcolismo by minute- thats dovesser cifrato in Rostov da alcolismo I had to do also. If it gets rough distract yourself, go to a meeting, or do whatever you need to do to get your mind off it. I am pulling for you!!!!