Caccia per delirium tremens

Delirium Tremens and Alcoholism explained by AA Speaker

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Eleventh Edition. New York : G. London: C. It has been ' credibly reported in the press that a theatrical audience, having before them a drop curtain representing a Roman villa with the word "Salve" prominently displayed, one of them innocently enquired who was the maker of the salve which he supposed to be thus advertised.

This is. Anyone who has received an caccia per delirium tremens, however meagre, however strictly confined to his native tongue, is credited with a perfect acquaintance with most of the numerous foreign expressions and classical quotations which occur now more frequently than ever in current literature. It is indeed almost superfluous to point out the fact that by the side of the movement which has set in against the so-called waste of time involved in an ex- haustive study of the classical languages, there never was a period when more frequent use was made of expressions and quotations drawn from these sources.

Caccia per delirium tremens is, however, chiefly in the caccia per delirium tremens of the press xii Preface. Let us take at random a well-known evening newspaper. In a single leading article extend- ing over little more than a column in length the follow- ing seven terms occur : — Minage, quid pro quo, savoir faire, in camera, amour propre, pro forma, infra dig.

No better demonstration could be given of the position caccia per delirium tremens maintain. Byron's clever absurdity " Honi caccia per delirium tremens qui mal y pense" — " On his walk he madly puns. Many collections of sayings and quotations in all languages have been from time to time offered to the public, but hitherto no single work has appeared having Preface.

These objects have been achieved, in the first place by making a collection, as complete as possible, and in the second, by so arranging its contents that by means of cross references they may be consulted without trouble caccia per delirium tremens loss of time.

The contents of the work are grouped under the heads of the various languages from which they are drawn, and in every case the words and sentences are accompanied by their English equivalents. There are comprised : — Latin — Words, phrases, mottoes, proverbs, maxims, quotations, pithy expressions, sententious sayings em- bodying a moral or practical lesson.

The great writers have been freely drawn upon. Greek — Words, phrases, proverbial and other strik- caccia per delirium tremens sentences from the poets and prose authors. French — Words, phrases, idioms, proverbs, moral maxims or observations, and a caccia per delirium tremens collection of original idiomatic sentences, with pertinent examples in Caccia per delirium tremens to exhibit their usage.

Italian — Words, phrases, proverbs, quotations of practical import ; with a very full collection of musical terms. Spanish — Words, phrases, and especially proverbs and moral reflections. Portuguese — Chiefly proverbs, or moral sayings.

German — Words, phrases, practical maxims, and sentences containing important and elevating thoughts. In case of the quotations no pains have been spared to ensure their correct transcription and translation, and the meanings of the Foreign Phrases and expres- sions have in many instances been brought out by original examples composed expressly for that purpose.

The student of " Comparative Proverbialisms," if we may coin such an expression, will find much material ready to his hand by noting the way in which the same idea has been expressed by different nations in their several languages. In each department competent assistance has been secured, and the whole work has passed through the hands of an editor well acquainted with the needs of the public in such matters. The unique character of the work will, we feel sure, secure for caccia per delirium tremens a ready acceptance at the hands of all readers of current literature.

To these it is now offered with the certainty that it will be frequently appealed to, and that it cannot fail to materially enhance both their pleasure and their profit. Charing Cross Chambers, London, W. All drawn freely from the great writers.

Expect that as you do unto one, another will do unto you Wool from caccia per delirium tremens ass. Breeks trousers from a High- landman. Blood from a stone Keep at a distance from a horse's heels From horses to asses. Coming down in the world To miss the mark From without' Caccia per delirium tremens this and that ; con- fusedly Go to the ant, thou sluggard, consider her ways and be wise Go and be hanged ; go to Jericho From the bottom of one's breast ; from the heart's core From the inconvenience From the cradle From the beginning 18 Dictionary of Foreign Phrases.

Ab integro Ab intra Ab irato Abnormis sapiens Ab officio et beneficio Ab origine Aborigines Ab ovo usque ad mala Abscissio caccia per delirium tremens Absens heres non erit Absentem lsedit, cum ebrio qui litigat Absente reo Absit invidia Abstulit qui dedit Abundat dulcibus vitiis Ab uno disce omnes Ab urbe condita A capite ad calcem Afresh, anew From within From an angry man; unfair Wise by natural good sense Suspension from or de- privation of a clergy- man's office or official duties and benefice From the origin Earliest inhabitants of a country Caccia per delirium tremens the egg to the apples ; from beginning to end Cutting off the infinite ; the exclusion of everything but the point under con- sideration The absent will caccia per delirium tremens be heir.

Out of sight, out of mind He that enters into dispute with a man in drink, wrongs the absent. The man, not being in his sober senses, is practi- cally absent In the absence of the ac- cused All envy apart ; let there be no ill : will He who gave has taken away He is full caccia per delirium tremens pleasant caccia per delirium tremens From one case you may infer the rest From the founding of the city Rome From head to heel Latin Section.

Let, well alone Done in accordance with God's law A crown from the spear a kingdom won by the sword According to rule At the opening of the book ; where the book opens At pleasure, at will At the Greek Calends, i. Many littles make a mickle Something added; an ad- dition 20 Dictionary of Foreign Phrases. A deo et rege Ad eundem gradum Ad extremum Ad finem Ad gustum Ad hominem Adhuc sub judice lis est A dicto secundum quid ad dictum simpliciter Ad infinitum Ad inquirendum Ad instar Ad interim Ad internecionem Adjuvante Deo Ad libitum Ad literam Ad modum Ad nauseam Ad patres Adperditam securim manu- brium adjicere Ad poenitendum properat, cito qui judicat Ad quod damnum Ad referendum Ad rem From God and the king To the same degree rank To the extremity caccia per delirium tremens at last To or at the end To one's taste To the interests or passions of the man The case caccia per delirium tremens not yet decided Confusion of an absolute statement, with a state- ment limited in manner, place, time, or relation To infinity For inquiry a judicial writ After the fashion of; like In the meanwhile To caccia per delirium tremens God helping; with God's help At pleasure To the letter ; minutely exact After the manner of To disgust or satiety Gathered to one's fathers ; dead To throw the helve after the hatchet.

To give up all hope He that comes too quickly to a decision is fast on the road to repent To what damage To be' further considered To the thing, point, purpose Latin Section.

Originally a class of Roman serfs I am present. In caccia per delirium tremens ; in a caccia per delirium tremens To the nail ; to a T ; to a nicety All to a man Prepared for either event According to value Memoranda ; jottings ; a note-book By courage I repel ad- versity Superior to adversity, equal to prosperity To the life A shrine ; a private cabinet The remedy is worse than the disease To preserve an equal un- disturbed mind With equanimity Equity follows the law With an equal mind; calmly The treasury To buy or sell lit.

To lose one's labour The inference from the fact to the law is not allowed In the affirmative A breathing on ; inspiration With stronger reason A precipice in front, wolves in rear behind. Be- tween the devil and the deep sea Things business to be done Do what you are doing ; mind the business you have in hand To bring a question before the people A surname I feel the symptoms of the former flame The Lamb of God To feed the flame Otherwise Caccia per delirium tremens ; in another place Covetous Some do the sowing, and others the mowing.

One beats the bush, and another catches the bird Latin Section. Physician, heal thyself Even the good Homer sometimes nods Some advantage may come of that evil Vice thrives and lives by concealment Another, yet the' same ; the same thing in a different form or light I have nothing else to do ; there is no more to be done Sediment from a river A foster caccia per delirium tremens.

Gener- ally applied to a Univer- sity Another self Another exactly similar A friend is a second self Every other hour In a second battle As much more ; as much again I seek higher things, a higher life Those who have received their education at a col- lege A nursling; foster-child; usually applied to one that has studied at a university A small trough or channel The quarrels of lovers 24 Dictionary of Foreign Phrases.

Amanti'um irae amoris inte- gratio est Amanuensis A maximis ad minimos A mensa et toro Amicitia sine fraude Amicus certus in caccia per delirium tremens incert a cernitur Amicus curia? A friend in need is a friend indeed A friend of the court ; a person who gives caccia per delirium tremens opinion or contributes information on the invi- tation of caccia per delirium tremens judge, although not otherwise engaged in the cause A friend of the human race Plato is my friend, Socrates is my friend, but truth caccia per delirium tremens greater A friend even to the altars — to the last extremity A friend is the comfort of life Love is extremely rich both in honey and in gall Love begets love The love of money Love of one's country Could caccia per delirium tremens walk upon hot coals, and his feet not be burned?

Latin Section. Anno mundi A. Annosa caccia per delirium tremens non capitur laqueo Anno urbis conditse A. You are dealing with an active and slip- caccia per delirium tremens person A snake in the grass By courage and faith By valour, not by craft Rule your passions, or they will govern you Mind ; grudge, hostile feel- ing Felonious intent His heart fell down to his hose, into his boots A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance My mind shudders at the recollection and shrinks from it in grief A well balanced firm, courageous mind is not wanting In the year of his or her age In the year of Christ In the year of our Lord In the year of the world An old fox is not caught in a trap.

Ante lucem Ante meridiem A. Ante omnia Ante tubam trepidat Ante victoriam ne canas triumphum A numine salus A parte ante A parte post A posse ad esse A posteriori Appetitus rationi pareat ApprentiGius legis Appropinquet deprecatio A priori Caccia per delirium tremens year of wonders Name of a poem by Dryden You teach old persons before your beard has come. Jack Sprat would teach his granny Before the war Before Christ Before light Before noon Before all things He trembles before the trumpet sounds Do riot celebrate a triumph before the victory.

Count not your chickens before they be hatched. Do not fry your fish be- fore you catch them. Catch the bear before you sell his skin Salvation health, bodily, or spiritual comes from the Deity From the part before Caccia per delirium tremens the part after From possibility to realiza- tion From effect to cause Let the appetite obey the reason A barrister-at-law Let my complaint come before you From cause to effect Latin Section.

In vino Veritas. When wine's in, wit's out A bow too much kept on the stretch breaks. A bow long bent at last waxeth weak Burning, glowing words Sand ; the field of battle or contest 28 Dictionary of Foreign Phrases. Argilla quidvis imitaberis uda Argumentum ad absurdum Argumentum ad crumenam Argumentum ad hominem Argumentum ad ignoran- tiam Argumentum ad invidiam Argumentum ad judicium Argumentum ad miseri- cordiam Argumentum ad populum Argumentum ad verecun- diam Argumentum baculinum Caccia per delirium tremens Arma accipere Arma dare Armamenta Arrectis auribus You may mould soft clay into any shape you please.

Young minds are easily impressed An argument directed to show the absurdity of an caccia per delirium tremens case An argument to the purse ; an appeal to interest Argument deriving its force from the situation of one's opponent Argument founded on one's opponent's ignorance of facts An argument appealing to low passions lit. Asinum tondes Asinus ad lyram Assidua stilla saxum ex- cavat Assumpsit At spes non fracta Audaces or audentes for- tuna juvat Audacter et sincere Audi alteram partem Audire alteram partem Audita querela Aula regis Aura popularis Aurea mediocritasAureo hamo piscari Aureola Auribus tenere lupum Auri sacri fames Aurora Borealis It is true art to conceal art Art is long, life is short To perish by one's own machinations ; to be caught in one's own trap He will honour the caccia per delirium tremens An article, or little joint; a particular point or mo- ment Master of Arts M.

You are shearing an ass. Great cry, and little wool An caccia per delirium tremens at the lyre ; an awkward fellow A steady drop hollows a stone He assumed But hope is not broken Fortune favours the bold Boldly and sincerely Hear the other side To hear the other side The complaint being heard The king's court The popular breeze The golden mean To fish with a golden hook. Money makes the mare to go A circle of gold -en rays To hold a wolf by the ears.

Aut amat, aut odit mulier Aut Caesar aut nullus Aut Caesar, aut nihil Aut nunquam tentes aut perfice Aut vincere aut mori Auxilium ab alto A verbis ad verbera A verbis legis non est re- cedendum A vinculo matrimonii Avito viret honore Basis virtutum constantia Beata?

Caccia per delirium tremens not begin any undertaking that you are not prepared to carry out. Having put your hand to the plough, do not turn back.

Possession is nine points of the law Happy is the man caccia per delirium tremens is far removed from busi- ness Latin Section. Bello flagrante Bellum internecinum Bellum lethale Bene est tentare Beneficium accipere liber- tatem vendere est Bene orasse est bene stu- duisse Bene qui latuit, bene vixit Benigno numine Bibliotheca Bis dat qui cito dat Bis peccare in bello non licet Bis pueri senes Bona, fide Bonis nocet, quisquis pe- percerit malis Bonus Bonus dux bonum reddit comitem Bovi clitellas imponere Breve et irreparabile tem- pus vitse est omnibus Brevi manu Wars!

A good master makes a good servant. A good Jack makes a good Jill To put a pack saddle on an ox ; to impose a duty on one not fit to dis- charge it To everybody life is short, nor can it be recovered "With the short hand"; off-hand; summarily 32 Dictionary of Foreign Phrases. Brutum fulmen Cacoethes Cacoethes carpendi Cacoethes loquendi Cacoethes scribendi Cadit qusestio Caeca est invidia Caecum Caetera desunt Caeteris paribus Cailida junctura Calumniare fortiter, et ali- quid adhaerebit Calx viva Cancelli Cancer Candida pax Candide et constanter Cane pejus et angue Canes timidi vehementius latrant Cantabit vacuus coram latrone viator Cantate Domino A harmless menace An overwhelming desire A rage for grumbling A rage for speaking An itch for writing The question falls to the ground ; there is an end of the discussion Envy is blind A blind thing caccia per delirium tremens a blind alley ; cul-de-sac The remainder is wanting Other things being equal Skilful or clever joining of literary composition ; cunning workmanship Slander stoutly, and some- thing will stick to the person slandered.

Throw plenty of mud, and some of it will stick Quick-lime Lattice work ; the bar of tribunals ; barriers The Crab one of the signs of the Zodiac White-robed peace Candidly and constantly Worse than a dog or a snake Timid dogs bark the loudest The penniless wayfarer will sing before in the presence of the robber Sing tQ the Lord Latin Section. Premature development of one's powers ends in an early grave.

Soon ripe, soon rotten c 34 Dictionary of Foreign Phrases. Celsae graviore casu caccia per delirium tremens dunt turres Censor morum Cerealia Cerebrum Cernit omnia Deus vindex Certamina divitiarum Certiorari Certum voto pete finem Cessante causa, cessat et effectus Cessio bonorum Cicada cicadae cara, for- micae formica Cicatrix Cilium Circuitus verborum Circulus in probando Lofty towers fall down with heavier crash.

The high- est tree hath caccia per delirium tremens greatest fall. Climb not too high, lest the fall be the greater Censor of morals The festival of Ceres in honour of the goddess of agriculture The brain An avenging God marks all things Struggles of riches, or after wealth ; to be richer than others A writ to call up the records of an inferior court Seek to limit set bounds to your desires Remove the cause, and the effect also ceases The giving up of one's goods property, to one's creditors ; insolvency Tree-cricket is dear to tree-cricket, ant to ant.

He that runs fast will not run long I am a Roman citizen More bright from obscurity A famo. Often comes jucundus, an agreeable companion Caccia per delirium tremens or politeness be- tween nations Assemblies political, in ancient Rome 36 Dictionary of Foreign Phrases. Comitium Commune bonum Commune periculum con- cordiam parit Communibus annis Compendia plerumque sunt dispendia Communi consensu Componere lites Compos mentis Conciliatrix Concio ad clerum Concordia discors Conditio sine qua non Condominium Conscia mens recti fama?

To harp on the same string. Let Apella the Jew believe Non ego it! I will not Crede Deo Trust to God Crede quod habes, et habes Believe you have it, and you have it Credenda Things to be believed Credo quia impossibile est I believe because it is im- possible Crescit amor nummi quan- The love of money increases tum ipsa pecunia crescit as fast as the money it- self increases. The more a man has, the more he desires to have Crescit eundo It increases as it caccia per delirium tremens Crescit sub pondere virtus Virtue increases under a.

Creta an carbone notandi? Cribro aquam haurire Crimen falsi Crimen lassa? Cui malo? Cui multum est piperis etiam oleribus immiscet Culpam poena premit comes Cum diis volentibus Cum grano salis Are they to caccia per delirium tremens marked with chalk or with charcoal?

Are they caccia per delirium tremens men or fools?